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Get to know Healing Teddies R.A.

Thank you for joining our journey to a world of giving
Healing Teddies ® is an original nonprofit idea to provide healing and loving hugs to those in need in Israel and beyond.
Healing Teddies R.A. is an Israeli registered nonprofit dedicated to distribute sweet and loving teddy bears to cancer patients, victims of severe traumas and children and adults in need for healing and recovery in Israel and even beyond.

What makes Healing Teddies different from regular teddy bears?

All teddy bears are sweet and furry little friends but when they reach us, they gain knowledge to become little supporting aids to patients in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. They gain positive energies, original tags with small hugging instructions attached to their little chests and our sincere wishes for speedy recovery. But what makes them even more loving creatures than they already are is the fact that they are all distributed voluntarily and unconditionally out of pure love and giving.
Healing Teddies R.A. distributes Healing Teddies ® in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, support groups, to cancer patients, victims of terror, patients in various units, children and adults of all ages.
We have witnessed that the power of a loving hug is something that can greatly benefit children and adults as one thus we give Healing Teddies to all ages and people.

No one working with the organization receives any sort of salary - Healing Teddies organization is run with love entirely by volunteers

You are invited to learn more about the Healing Teddies activities at our programs section:
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Our beary loving team

Ilana Konstantinovsky

Chairperson, initiator & founder
Voluntarily manages the organization in all its aspects
understands teddy bears, power of giving, community needs and the combination between them

Dr. Michael Konstantinovsky

Specialist in Sports Medicine, Alternative medicine and psychotherapy
helps voluntarily to prepare the little teddies to their important mission and quite a fan of teddy bears himself

Zhanna Vaserman

Treasurer and activist

Website creating team
Oren Fait - Designer and visual concept
Evyatar Amitay- Developer

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