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Healing Teddies "Yaldey Hemlah" Children of Compassion

This program is an educational program, through which teachers, parents, and children are invited to collect teddy bears together in a joint effort for the Healing Teddies aid efforts and distributions. It's a wonderful opportunity to teach children the wonders of compassion and, at the same time, help children and adults in Israel that are suffering from severe traumas and diseases. If you are a teacher, parent, or director in a school, kindergarten, or community center, and you would like to embrace this initiative, please feel free to contact Healing Teddies. This initiative runs successfully in Israel in many parts of Israel from Ashkelon to Haifa and children are learning a valuable lesson about giving and compassion.

Healing Teddies in the world

We see great importance in sending Healing Teddies also beyond Israel. In our past work, we have sent Healing Teddies to many places worldwide; among them are the USA, Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Congo. If you would like support this important effort as well, or you would like to distribute Healing Teddies to an important cause in your country, feel free to contact Healing Teddies. Healing Teddies are small ambassadors of love and healing that carry a message of love and peace to other nations.

Hugs to Oncologic units in Israel

Healing Teddies R.A. is fully devoted to helping cancer patients in their struggle to overcome this awful disease and to help them feel stronger to face all the treatments and emotional stress related to the recovery process. Healing Teddies set a goal to reach many hundreds of cancer patients in Israel with Healing Teddies. It is our privilege to be able to put a smile on a face of a child or an adult suffering from this disease and let them know they are not alone. Our goal is to reach 10000 children and adults. We have reached many hundreds up until now and there is still a long way to go.

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