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What kind of teddy bear is qualified to become a Healing Teddy?
Nearly each teddy bear is qualified to become a Healing Teddy. Simply make sure it's in a size that is big enough to hug and as clean and new as possible. If you see a teddy bear that smiles back at you when you look at him, then it's probably the one. What truly counts is the amount of love that you place in each teddy bear.

Will I know where my donations are going to?  

You will be personally informed to where your teddy bears and donations helped, and if there will be special stories related to the teddy bears and your personal contribution, you will be informed of this as well.

Can I send other stuffed toys besides teddy bears or you only accept teddy bear toys?

Healing Teddies organization mainly works with teddy bears; however, if you have other sweet stuffed toys, and you wish to send them, they will get a special name and role under the Healing Teddies names, such as Dr. Duckies for sweet yellow ducks that were donated by a store in the center of Israel. .

I have beautiful teddy bears that I've had for some years. Will you also accept second hand teddy bears and second hand toys?  

It's always preferred to send new teddy bears because the people who receive Healing Teddies ® need clean and new teddy bears; For example, children who are hospitalized in the Hematoncologic unit in hospitals. However, if your teddy bears are in very good condition and clean, a home will be found for them, too. If they have been sitting on your shelf for a while, please wash them to help us prepare them for their special mission.
I am trying to decide what best way I can help your organization. Can you suggest a fast way to send hugs to people in Israel through you.

Sure, there are two main options. One way is purchasing new teddy bears and shipping them to Israel. Please note that the shipping fee to Israel is quite expensive and it will also take some time to reach us. Your sweet teddy bears will turn to loving Healing Teddies and will be distributed to those that need the most. Another way to support our work and send a hug to children and adults in need in Israel is to pledge a donation to our nonprofit. For example an amount of 100$ can help us purchase approximetely 40 teddy bears so for a relatively small donation you can help us embrace 40 people in Israel and worldwide.

Donating is easy and secure. Just choose the amount in Shekels. On the left side of the page you will see the exact sum in US dollars. for example 1000 shekels equals 267$ according to today's exchange rate. That way it also saves us the bank's conversion fees. Click here to donate
Your hug is only one click away.

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us

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